Bamboo stick incense and the origin of Buddhism

2019-07-16 11:25:29

Before the introduction of Buddhism into China, incense was closely related to people's lives. In addition to burning with the introduction of Buddhism, many important spices, such as borneol and aloes, were introduced continuously, which made the use of incense take on a new look.

The concept of fragrance-combining introduced by Buddhism soon integrated with the concept of Chinese medication, resulting in extensive and profound fragrance-combining recipes, and even the preparation of aspiring fragrances according to season, season, occasion and use. In the shape of fragrance, there are pellets, powders, cakes, lines and circles. At the beginning of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there was also the appearance of pillar fragrance. Bamboo sticks or wooden sticks were used as pillars, coated with perfume powder, which became one of the perfumes widely used nowadays.

Buddhists believe that incense is closely related to people's intelligence and virtue. Miaoxiang is in line with satisfied wisdom. Through the exchange of incense people with Buddha and Bodhisattva, incense is the line. Buddha relies on an incense, sages have wonderful fragrance in their bodies, people are more strict with fragrance.

In Su Sidi's Sutra, incense is listed as one of the five kinds of support, and in the Great Nikkei, it is listed as one of the six kinds of important support. In the various practices of the Secret Sect, we often see the records of offering incense, while all the saints who protect the world, such as Buddha, Lotus, Diamond and Tianlong Babu, are offered incense with different kinds of incense, corresponding to them. The aloes are used to support the Buddhist ministry.

In Datong Fang's solemn Buddhist Sutra of repentance and extermination of sins, the detailed Sutra of offering should also be quiet and solemn with all kinds of delicate fragrances. In the Dharma Sutra of the Buddhist Buddha, there are ways to quietly repent of the root of the nose; in the confession method of the charitable Taoist field, there are detailed wishes about the root of the nose and incense. In the practice of liver leaf transcription, smearing incense represents quit Polo honey, burning incense represents essence of polo honey.

According to the Buddha's top Zunsheng Gyroscope Nirvana Reading Instrument, the scent of water should be burned in the calamity relief method. Diamond top yoga, thousands of hands and thousands of eyes to observe the practice of leisure Bodhisattva and the Dharani Sutra of Diamond Lifetime, etc. also have the same view.

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