How to Judge whether Line Fragrance is Chemical Fragrance

2019-07-16 11:25:52

Nowadays it is popular to play with fragrance. Line fragrance should be the most popular fragrance. Line fragrance is a good choice for both tasting fragrance and gift Buddha. Line incense on the market, usually 10 grams or 20 grams a barrel, the price varies from several yuan to several hundred yuan, the quality of good and bad, so it is difficult for new friends to choose.

Generally speaking, traditional thread fragrance is made by mixing sticky powder (natural plant adhesives) and perfume. The components are from nature. No toxic and harmful substances will occur after burning the fragrance. Its fragrance (sandalwood or aloes) has the functions of refreshing, inviting and pleasing. And some inferior line fragrance is the use of cheap sawdust powder with low oil content, plus flavors, together with the increase of industrial nitrite as a combustion improver, plus chemical adhesive, it will cause harmful substances to the human body, and it will be harmful to people.

Following are some simple and easy ways to distinguish whether Line Fragrance is made of pure natural substances for your reference:

1, whether chemical flavors are added?

The smell of chemical flavors is added, and the smell is very strong at the time of the smell. Turn over the incense cone, the strong fragrance comes to the nose, after burning, the explosive power of the fragrance is often very strong, such line fragrance can be taken care of. In fact, the high-quality laterite and Yazhuang line fragrance, when smelled, tastes very light, even no odor, after burning will release the fragrance.

Now there are many flavors in the market, some flavors are still smelling, fresh and strong, and all kinds of flavors are available. When added to the incense, sometimes it tastes like sweet and fragrant natural joss sticks, but it is not like the sweet aftertaste of natural incense and the feeling of breath. It can dry the throat and make the tongue astringent. It is like putting a lot of monosodium glutamate in the dish. It tastes fresh, but after eating, it is dry and the aftertaste is not good. This kind of thread fragrance also needs to be noticed.

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