How to Judge the Quality of Line Fragrance

2019-07-16 11:26:34

Following the spread of incense civilization, the market on how to determine the line incense holds its own words, starting point is nothing more than how to sell their line incense.

As a result, these words are too one-sided or even overheated, which has a great impact on the fragrant friends who have first been involved in aloes. Even now, it has been decades since the revival of the fragrant civilization in our country. Most fragrant friends are still confused about how to truly distinguish the good from the bad of aloes. How to judge the quality of fragrance line, now let's talk about it in detail.

First, from the appearance. Beautiful appearance, shabby head and feet, rough surface, at least to clarify the manufacturer's sense of responsibility is not strong, can not treat the followers severely, such fragrances, can go there?

Second, from the perspective of incense. If the ash falls on the back of the hand, it can't be put in place. If it does, it proves that something that can't be burned, such as stone powder, clay and some metal powder, has been added. The incense after burning is smaller than that after burning. The incense will not shrink. It can be concluded that something should not be added, such as stone powder, clay, sodium silicate, chemical glue and rice ash.

The inch of the inch of the incense of the incense is too long, often made of chemical glue, or even added water glass, so that the incense rolls do not fall down together, also known as the roll of tornado or roll of money incense. The colour of aromatic ash can neither be white nor black, whitening is the addition of excessive calcium carbonate, black is the addition of chemical glue, rice ash or water glass.

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