What are the methods of making bamboo stick incense?

2019-07-16 11:30:55

There are many ways to make fragrance labels. The key is the process.

It can be said that the traditional fragrance making process is to seek "fragrance nourishing spirit", while the modern fragrance making process is to seek "fragrance nourishing nose", the difference between the two types of fragrances is very significant. Traditional fragrance not only pays great attention to the compatibility of fragrances, but also has strict requirements on the fabrication of fragrances, which directly affects the quality of fragrance. There are similarities but many differences between the fabrication of spices and the fabrication of Chinese spices. The same perfume, used in different fragrances, is often made up in different ways. Generally speaking, the purpose of fragrance making is to remove impurities and make it easy to use. Secondly, it is to guide and treat the adverse and rationalize the nature of fragrance. Proper fabrication can enhance the nature of fragrances, make them play a full role, and eliminate possible toxic and side effects. In addition, according to the requirements of compatibility, specific fabrication methods can be used to change the attack of fragrances.

There are many specific fabrication methods, such as: repair, steaming, boiling, stir-frying, roasting, artillery, baking, flying and so on. The concepts, rules and techniques embraced by Chinese traditional fragrance art are important guarantees for the effectiveness and quality of fragrance, which are worth learning, emulating and inheriting. There are obvious differences between the fragrances manufactured by the ancient method and other fragrances among the wise fragrance users and fragrance makers. The manufacturing process of perfume labels is very messy. Bamboo stick incense should be made of fine bamboo sticks, split and dried. The fragrant material is processed into fine elm bark and sandalwood, with pigments and additives and harmony. Then the bamboo sticks were dipped in a little powder. This is the key process of the seemingly simple but rather laborious method of making bamboo stick incense.

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