How to make bamboo stick incense in Jiangmen

2019-07-16 11:32:38

Above all, the bamboo sawing machine is used to saw raw bamboo into the required standard length. It mainly consists of frame, motor, saw blade and transmission arrangement. There are two kinds of saw blades: general saw blade and alloy saw blade.

Secondly, the bamboo breaker is used to cut the sawn bamboo. The number of slices cut depends on the required width of the bamboo slices. Therefore, bamboo breakers are equipped with a number of knives, according to the requirements of the product and the size of bamboo choices of different knives, requirements for easy and convenient tool change.

Furthermore, the slicing machine can be used to remove the raised section of the outer bamboo garden, and the green and yellow removing machine can let the bamboo slices pass through the upper and lower two knives to remove the outer bamboo green and the inner bamboo yellow and make bamboo slices.

Fourthly, wire drawing machine is an important and common equipment in bamboo processing. It is generally composed of frame, two motor feeding motors and tool driving motor, feeding wheel, tool and transmission system. The forming machine has good versatility and can meet the requirements of different products only by replacing cutting tools.

Fifth, the saw is to cut the drawn bamboo wire into the required length, and then put it on the polishing machine.

Sixth, the sharpener is a tool.

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