What is bamboo stick incense?

2019-07-16 11:33:13

The original name of bamboo stick incense: the incense with bamboo stick is called bamboo stick incense, also known as signature incense. Its characteristic is relatively long. Bamboo stick fragrance is similar to linear fragrance in appearance, but linear fragrance does not take bamboo core. The core of bamboo and wood with fragrance stick runs through the whole fragrance, and the upper part is wrapped by the fragrance powder to avoid the fragrance being too long and tortuous or broken; the part of bamboo stick exposed outside the fragrance powder is called the bamboo fragrant feet.

Bamboo stick incense and thread incense were raised in the late Tang Dynasty. In the late Tang Dynasty, bamboo stick incense was mainly used in the South and temples. Because of the humid rain and air in the south, it was not easy to use line incense. In recent years, some people in the north have also used bamboo stick incense (this means household incense). Strictly speaking, bamboo stick incense is not antique. Because the ancients thought that a good incense was put into the bamboo stick and burned, the smoke from the bamboo stick destroyed the aroma and function of the whole incense, so the ancient palace and practitioners certainly did not need the bamboo stick incense.

From another point of view, the ancients said: shallow water in the south, people like to travel, so Nanxiang with feet; deep water in the north, thick human nature, like to retain roots (that is to say, to keep incense from generation to generation), so in the north to make incense without bamboo feet. Therefore, for those who are very critical about using incense, linear incense is still the first choice. However, with the development of the times, bamboo stick incense has been used by many people besides Palace view. It is gradually used by some people at home to offer rites and gods. In order to better borrow incense for communication, it is particularly important to choose a natural chemical-free bamboo stick incense.

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